• Halotherapy for treatment of respiratory diseases.

CONCLUSIONS: Halotherapy resulted in improvements of clinical state in the most of patients. The positive dynamics of flow-volume loop parameters and decrease of bronchial resistance measured by bodyplethysmography were observed. The changes in control group parameters after HT were not statistically significant. The specificity of this method is the low concentration and gradual administration of dry sodium chloride aerosol. Data on healing mechanisms of a specific airdispersive environment of sodium chloride while while treatment the respiratory diseases are discussed.

  • The use of an artificial microclimate chamber in the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases.

CONCLUSIONS: Significant positive effects of this method resulted in the improvement of the flow-volume parameters curve of lung function and in hypotensive effects on blood pressure. Halotherapy is recommended for use in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases with hypertension or coronary heart disease.



  • The effect of salt chamber treatment on bronchial hyperresponsiveness in asthmatics

CONCLUSIONS: Salt chamber treatment reduced bronchial hyperresponsiveness as an add-on therapy in asthmatics with a low to moderate dose of inhaled steroids. The possibility that salt chamber treatment could serve as a complementary therapy to conventional medication cannot be excluded.



  • [The efficacy of speleotherapy in salt mines in children with bronchial asthma based on the data from immediate and late observations].

CONCLUSIONS: Speleotherapy courses noticeably diminished broncho-obstructive syndrome, improved pulmonary ventilation. The improvement proved stable in the majority of the patients. It is recommended to include speleotherapy in salt mines into combined rehabilitation treatment of pediatric asthmatics.


  • [The efficacy of subterranean therapy in the salt chamber of Kinga Spa in Wieliczka for patients suffering from allergic rhinitis].

42 patients (27 women and 15 men aged 14-65 years) suffering from atopic and non atopic rhinitis were submitted for 24 days to the subterraneo-therapy in salt chambers of Kinga Spa in Wieliczka during the exacerbation of their illness. 20 patients suffered from pollen or dust mites allergy and the next 22 patients from non atopic rhinitis with recurrent nasal polyposis. In the first week and at the end of the therapy rhinoscopy, peak nasal inspiratory flow and smell were evaluated as well as daily symptoms score was noted in each treated patient. The results of performed observations indicate that unrelatively to the type of the rhinitis: 1. the nasal symptoms (running nose, sneezing, block of the nose) resolved directly during the stay of the patient in the salt chamber but the more constant effect was visible with the time of the therapy. 2. an increase in the peak nasal expiratory flow was connected with the decrease of nasal mucosal edema, 3. the smell disturbances disappeared in the patients together with the decrease of mucosal edema. The observed changes seem to be connected with the influence of the salt chambers' microclimate on the cells osmolarity disturbances in the nasal mucosa provoked by the non infectious chronic inflammation.


  • [The efficancy of speleotherapy in atopic dermatitis in children].

CONCLUSIONS: After proper clinical and immunological examinations 112 children with atopic dermatitis underwent immunocorrective speleotherapy in a chamber with artificial microclimate created with the use of natrium [sodium] chloride spraying. During the treatment positive trends were observed in the patients' dermatological status and immune homeostasis. A complete 6-24-month response was reported in 58%, partial in 20%, no response in 6.9% of patients. The method is recommended for treatment of atopic dermatitis.


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