New Moon Meditation Sept 12th 7-8pm

Join Amanda for another guided moon phase meditation and class in the salt! --------- Learn how to best direct your energy in order to bring a desired outcome into your life through conscious creation. The new moon is the phase where energy is highest, the best time to call into your life a new relationship, job, an abundance of finances, a new home, a vacation, whatever it is you desire! I have been using the new moon as well as conscious energy direction to manifest my life for years, and it really works! This class teaches you the basics of how to direct your energy to get the quickest results & see your manifestations show up in your life quicker. I will give you the basic tools and knowledge so you can continue this practice on your own! During the second half, we will be participating in a meditation that allows us to fully imagine & create on the energetic plane - this type of meditation is called visualization. The reason we gather in a group on the new moon to manifest is because the greater the group & intent the more powerful our manifestations become. Each class builds on one another & this class is the first! Join a wonderful group of ladies at The Salt Vault for a new moon circle and a night that may very well change the way you view the moon cycles & life in general. --------- $30 per person Min. Class Size 5 | Max. 10 Space is limited; to reserve your spot call 1.610.857.3515, email, or Click Here and book online using your MindBody login!

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