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What is Halotherapy / Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy, or Salt Therapy, is a unique, natural, and safe alternative respiratory and skin treatment. A micro-climate mimicking the environment of a salt mine is created by our halogenerator, which produces high concentrations of salt air by grinding the crystals into tiny (0.3 microns) particles of dry pharmaceutical grade salt (NaCl) propelled into the air. The Himalayan salt on the floor and walls merely adds to the overall ionization, sanitation, and atmosphere of the salt room.

Can I smoke before my session?

The Salt Vault is an allergen-free facility. We take precautions to protect patrons with respiratory conditions from reacting negatively to strong odors such as pet and body odors, smoke, perfume etc. Halotherapy reduces inflammation to open airways and revives Paralyzed Cilia, so they can move mucus; things that smoking reverses. We ask clients to refrain from smoking at least an hour before attending their session. This will allow the salt to do its job without restraint, help avoid strong smells building up in the sealed micro-climate, and avoid negative respiratory reactions from other patrons in the session. Changing clothes or showering beforehand will help defend against strong pet and body odors and will free skin of dead cells. Thank you all for your help in keeping The Vault allergen-free!

What kind of salt do you use?

We only use pharmaceutical grade NaCl (salt) in our halogenerator. The Himalayan salt used on the floor and decorations simply adds to the overall atmosphere, sanitation, and ionization of the salt room. NO Himalayan, Dead Sea, or other types of various salts are used in our halogenerator; only pharmaceutical grade NaCl. Use of any other kind of salt is considered experiemental and can cause various side effects.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we use the Square Card Reader.

Can I split my package deals with my group?

Yes, you may split your packages with whoever your choose and purchased sessions do not currently expire.

Should I stop taking my medication?

NO. Please, continue your medications as you need and as directed by your doctor. Salt therapy is all-natural and, potentially, will not cause interaction with any medication. However, if you are unsure, please consult your primary physician about whether salt therapy is the right addition to your treatment plan.

What are the side effects of salt therapy?

Increased coughing due to mucus buildup signifies the salt therapy treatment is working; this is the body’s way of draining the excess mucus. Some individuals may experience a slight throat tickle, which can be treated by gargling warm to hot water. Highly sensitive individuals may experience slight skin irritation or red patches; however, they go away after a few sessions. Raw or chapped skin may burn from the salt, this is beneficial however uncomfortable. Applying a salve or balm of some sort before the session helps create a barrier between the salt air and exposed skin if necessary. On rare occasions, individuals may experience nausea or dizziness which can be a detox reaction

Isn't salt bad for your health?

Consuming too much salt has been linked to high blood pressure. With salt therapy, you are inhaling a dry salt aerosol into your respiratory system, not your digestion tract. The salt particles are so fine that even if you were to eat the amount inhaled during a session, it would not pose a risk to your health. The slight amount that may be ingested is said to be comparable to a bite of a sandwich. However, those with a severe heart or lung condition and those with uncontrolled hypertension best speak with their doctor and/or avoid the therapy.

​Can pregnant women participate in salt therapy?

Yes, salt therapy is 100% drug-free with no side effects. However, if you are unsure, please consult your primary physician for their professional opinion.


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