Natural Relief and Relaxation

The Salt Vault offers halotherapy: a natural, relaxing method of relief for the irritating symptoms associated with respiratory and skin conditions.

Meet the Owner

Madelyn Tortu opened The Salt Vault with the help of her family in October of 2013. Three years prior, they had the opportunity to visit a Salt Cave in Virginia. As an asthma sufferer, Madelyn was disappointed when she couldn't find a Salt Room locally. Working with consultants from S.A.L.T. Chamber Inc they received the information and technology necessary to open their business.  The Salt Vault is the first Halotherapy Center of its kind to offer relief in the Greater Lancaster and Chester Counties.

What to Expect

Our room is equipped with its own halogenerator which helps create the micro-climate of salt air. In our Private Mini Vault, you, or you and a friend, will be encouraged to relax and breathe in our reclining, anti-gravity lounge chairs as gentle, meditation music plays over the hum of the halogenerator. As you breathe the finely ground, pharmaceutical grade, sodium chloride for 30 minutes to 1 hour, the salt acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; as it enters your respiratory system and lands on your skin, the salt reduces inflammation in the airways and lessens skin redness, kills bacteria to boost your immune system and to lessen skin irritation, and loosens trapped mucus for easier expulsion! Some may feel the need to cough or clear their throat, this means the salt is working; tissues are provided, hydration is of the utmost importance. Our Private salt room can seat 2 adults in zero gravity chairs and contains about 1,500 lbs of salt on a heated floor, 4 salt encrusted panels, and one 200 lb Salt Lamp. The rooms are kept around 73-75 degrees F and below 40% humidity, so it is a comfortable environment for asthmatics and other respiratory sufferers.

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Please DO NOT stop any current treatments without first consulting your primary physician. | 1.610.857.3515 | 4211 W Lincoln Hwy Parkesburg, PA 19365

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